Tractor Mounted Dozer

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The Tractor Mounted Dozers manufactured by Durga Tractors offer great functionality and easy operation. The blade width of our Dozers is 1800mm along with a height of 600mm. The thickness of the blade is 6mm, and the machine also offers an adjustable tilting-angle. Presence of pressure-relief valve ensures safe operation. Moreover, this machine also has a steering system that works on hydraulic power.

Technical Specification

  • Blade size width 1800 mm height 600 mm
  • Blade thickness 6 mm.
  • Cylinder mounted at the centre in front having bore dia 80 mm and rod dia 50 mm stroke 450 mm
  • Adjustable tilting angle with help of toplink
  • Main frame made out of prime quality steel plate of thickness 25 mm.
  • Pb-2 bronze bushing at the hinge.
  • Single spool double acting control valve with pressure relief valve.


Optainal features available for Tractor Mounted Dozer is hydraulic power assisted Stearing system for smooth operation.