Garbage Containers

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Technical Specification

TYPE Box type closed top with rear tipping
Function These containers shall be placed at different collection points in the town.The solid waste shall be collected by sweepers and shall be brought by hand carts to the container from where it shall be picked and transported for emptying by container carrier system with the help of tractor at the dump site.
Construction The container is made out of prime mild steel plates, angle and channels. The container consist of 1. Rear tail gate 2. Four open able windows two on both side. Bottom and side made from 10 swg plates. Doors and windows from 16 swg. Structure made from 75 mm channel and 40 mm angle
Paint The first coat of red oxide primer, and two cost of synthetic enamal. Colour as per instruction.
Size Ranging from 2 cu. Mtr to 7 cu. Mtr as per requirements.